Dog Tests Positive For Novel Coronavirus in China

Even though the odds are extremely small for canines to host and spread novel Coronavirus, one dog in Hong Kong did test positive for the virus.

Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said that samples from the dog’s nasal and oral cavities had tested “weak positive” for novel coronavirus.

It is now believed to be the very first positive test of the virus in the world. The dog which was showing zero symptoms, has snow been quarantined, and currently being monitored.

Interestingly, according to the AFCD and the World Health Organization, there is zero evidence that dogs can be infected with the novel coronavirus.

Right now, the AFCD is currently studying and testing if the dog has been infected with the virus, or is just contaminated.

So the big question…

Can dogs give humans the coronavirus?

According to SPCA’s chief veterinary surgeon Jane Gray, dogs do carry the coronavirus, but it’s not the same strain as the novel coronavirus.

The coronavirus dogs can carry does not produce respiratory problems and a completely different strain of the virus. It’s actually can be common in many pets.

There is currently zero evidence that the virus can be passed onto humans.

Many dog owners in mainland China have gone to great lengths to keep their dogs safe. Some have fitted their dogs with custom masks, others have gone to extreme lengths by quarantining their dogs.

Are you worried about the novel coronavirus infecting your dog?



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