The World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds for 2023

When it comes to choosing a pet, most people look for a companion that fits their budget. But there are some dog breeds out there that come with an exorbitant price tag, making them the most expensive dogs in the world.

From Tibetan Mastiffs to Samoyeds, these luxurious pooches can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require special care and attention. So if you’re looking for a canine companion who will turn heads on your next walk around the block, here are some of the priciest pups money can buy. Here are the 20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World.

Saint Bernard – $1,500

The Saint Bernard is a large and majestic breed of dog that has been around for hundreds of years. With its loyal, gentle nature and impressive size, it’s no wonder why people have been drawn to this breed for centuries. But if you’re considering bringing one home as a pet, you should be aware of the costs associated with owning a Saint Bernard.

When buying from a breeder, prices can range anywhere from $1000-$2,000 depending on the quality and pedigree of the pup. The cost will also depend on which type of Saint Bernard you get – there are two types: short-haired or long-haired.

Generally speaking, long-haired pups tend to be more expensive due to their rarity in comparison to short-haired varieties. Additionally, some breeders may charge extra fees for things like vaccinations or shipping if needed.

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