Top 10 Worlds Strongest Dog Breeds


How does a dog become so strong if they can’t lift weights? Simple biomechanics. Did you know dogs muscles are actually 3–8x denser then human muscle.

Add the fact they have a low center of gravity and can displace the weight on four points instead of two, you can have a powerhouse depending on the breed.

Some of the strongest dog breeds in the world have been bred as working dogs to help hunt, farm, herd and protect.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 the strongest dog breeds in the world—from hunting dogs, to herding dogs, and a few breeds whose brute strength may surprise you.


A Bulldog stature may be smaller but don’t not let that fool you, Bulldogs are very powerful and strong. Over 800 years ago in England the Bulldog was unfortunately used as bull baiting.

Bull baiting or dog fighting led the Bulldog to become fierce and aggressive. Eventually bull baiting was banned, and the Bulldog eventually softened their aggressive personalities. Their strength, protection, loyalty makes the Bulldog a lovable companion as we know today.